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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invest in Leisure by Beekman Group?
  • A sectional title unit investment in Beekman Group’s portfolio of luxury resorts whereby you fully own the unit and earn a monthly income and gain investment benefits.

What benefits do investors receive by purchasing through Invest in Leisure?

Investors receive monthly income through rental returns, 14 weeks’ personal use of your unit or in any of our resorts both locally and internationally available through our exchange programme, up to 12% net annual returns, up to 15% discounts, and full management service.

What does sectional title ownership entail?
Investors are able to purchase an entire villa or unit with full outright sectional title ownership, including a sectional title deed.
Can I purchase a unit with a home loan or bond?

Please enquire directly with the Beekman Group.

How do I purchase a sectional title unit without a bond?

You will pay a 15% deposit, followed by the balance over 12 months. This cash purchase doesn’t require a home loan. Funds are used from readily available sources such as a savings account or trust.

When do I receive my income statement?
You will receive an income statement at the end of each occupation month.
How is each month’s return calculated?
The income of same size units within the specific resort is combined and shared equally, mitigating risk of low vacancy. E.g. Hotel suites share in one income pool, and villas in another. Commission and expenses are deducted per each occupation month.
Why is commission deducted?
Commission fees are used to cover marketing, operational and administrative costs for the rental pool.
As an owner, will I pay levies on my sectional title unit?

Yes, payment of levies each month is required for this type of purchase. These fees are conveniently deducted automatically from your monthly returns.

Can I use my weeks prior to paying my levy?
In order to use your week, you must have complied with all your obligations in terms of your purchase agreement, including but not limited to, being fully paid up on your levies.
Can I send a guest to use my week(s) instead?
Yes, follow the same process as you would when booking for yourself but supply us with your guests’ details. We’ll send you a guest certificate in their name.
Can I rent out my week(s) myself?

A single distribution point provides a seamless online experience and ensures quality control of all aspects of the unit, including the price point. With this in mind, only the Beekman Group will exclusively manage the rental and maintenance of your unit, ensuring the best long-term stewardship for your investment.

How do I book my week(s)?
Contact us to make a booking or exchange for another resort within South Africa or overseas. All 14 of your weeks are automatically placed in the rental pool to earn maximum returns, availability cannot always be guaranteed.
How many weeks can I book in season?
You can book up to 3 weeks in season.
What if I am unable to use my week(s)?
You may cancel up to 8 weeks prior to your booking for your unit to be returned to the rental pool.
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