Partner With The Beekman Group and Invest in Leisure

The Beekman Group, a renowned leisure management company with over 50 years of experience, introduces Invest in Leisure. This unique opportunity allows you to purchase suites and villas in hand-picked holiday resorts and benefit from hassle-free rental management. With proven annual returns of up to 12% and a significant monthly income, you can confidently grow your wealth in successful leisure destinations. Partner with the experts and make a smart investment in the leisure industry with Invest in Leisure by The Beekman Group.

The success of the Beekman Group

As a family business, we’ve grown with the dream to provide South Africans with affordable, well-managed holidays in exceptional destinations. It’s not just a business; it’s a legacy that’s been carefully cultivated and passed down through generations, with a deep understanding of the nuances of the leisure sector. Today, we command a portfolio that is as diverse as it is vast, spanning over 4000 local and international destinations.

“Our rich history, exceptional service, and reputation for delivering innovative solutions have earned the trust of tens of thousands of members across our various divisions over the last 50+ years, and now we carry that commitment to quality into our new INVEST IN LEISURE by The Beekman Group offering, which upholds the very same values that have made us a trusted partner to investors and businesses alike,”

Wayne Beekman, Executive Director of Beekman Group

Defining traits of the Beekman Group

Our story is a testament to the power of a visionary approach, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. Across our extensive portfolio we continue to operate with warmth, integrity and dedication that are the hallmarks of our family-run business. We value the people and community in each of our owned resorts. As a business, the Beekman Group currently hold property investments valued at over R1.5 billion and personally manage over 40 resorts globally.

What sets the Beekman Group apart is a knack for nurturing assets to their full potential. We have an eagle eye for selecting destinations in thriving tourist landscapes and using the land to its full potential. Over the years we have introduced the latest features and facilities that keep families coming back again and again.

Your investment into the Beekman Group

When it comes to investment, the Beekman Group offers above market returns on your property. Upon your purchase you are given the sectional title deed to your unit and you enter into an agreement whereby the Beekman Group handles all management and maintenance. This includes ensuring your property is featured on our established booking platforms and achieves high occupancy all year round. During peak tourist season, in December, you are guaranteed returns above an estimated 20% on our hand-picked selection of resorts to invest in.

The added benefit of your investment is that you get up to 14 weeks’ personal holiday use of your unit. Return to your personal holiday home again and again, while you earn monthly rental income and watch your investment appreciate annually.

Featuring top-performing resorts

Invest in Leisure by the Beekman Group, currently offer excluive units to purchase within the Central Drakensberg at Cayley Mountain Resort, within Pilanesberg in The Kingdom Resort, within Bilene, Mozambique in San Martinho Beach Club and in Menlyn Maine within a new off-plan development, Menlyn Mix.

Cayley Mountain Resort, Central Drakensberg

Invest in Central Drakensberg, a beloved holiday destination that families return to year after year, and often to the same resort as a family tradition. Cayley Mountain Resort has a long track record of accommodating large groups ranging from couples to families and large friend groups in our suites and villas. Central Drakensberg is easily accessible with a prime location equal distance from Durban and Johannesburg.

During peak periods, occupancy rates have the potential to reach 85% at this 4-star resort. Central Drakensberg is a resilient investment landscape that enjoys high occupancy rates.

The Kingdom Resort, Pilanesberg

Pilanesberg is one of the top bush tourist destinations in the country with dedicated big 5 game drives. The North West Province is teeming with nature and wildlife. This is a high growth area for tourism, particularly when you look at local and international travel statistics. It also enjoys high foot traffic from neighbouring Sun City Resort. The area attracts 30% international tourists and 30% corporate conferences bookings, with weekends in peak summer reaching 100% occupancy rates.

San Martinho Beach Club, Bilene, Mozambique

Invest in Mozambique’s tourist hotspot on Bilene’s blue lagoon. Demand far exceeds supply in Bilene, and the coastal location boasts nearly full occupancy during the festive season. Bilene’s blue lagoon attracts water sport enthusiasts annually.

San Martinho Beach Club offers apartments, duplexes and villas postioned enticingly at the water’s edge. It enjoys a high amount of South African and international tourists who frequent annually to this 4-star resort.

Menlyn, Pretoria launching soon

We have an exceptional leisure investment opportunity in Menlyn Pretoria. This local destination has seen vast business and residential activity in the last few years with Menlyn becoming a central city destination for those in Gauteng. The abundance of trendy eateries in the area, shopping and nature activities make Menlyn a prime location. There is a demand for more leisure accommodation in the area. We will soon be launching 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments under our Invest in Leisure offering.

Premium destinations, premium returns

Our Invest in Leisure opportunities are situated in locations that promise a high return on investment. You can invest in a stunning holiday resort and earn a monthly income all whilst being able to access and travel to resorts all over the world. Each property within our portfolio has been carefully chosen with an investor’s perspective in mind.

Your investment benefits:

  • Up to 12% annual net returns
  • 14 weeks of personal holiday use throughout the year
  • Rental management solution promoting hassle-free ownership
  • Up to 15% discounts at a variety of resorts in the Beekman Resorts Portfolio
  • Access to over 4000 local and international resorts through the exchange programme
  • Unused weeks go back into the rental pool for maximum financial returns

Our hassle-free, fully managed services include:

  • Cleaning, maintenance and refurbishments
  • Monthly accounting and reports provided
  • Established booking platforms with global reach
  • Marketing through the Beekman Group platforms

Invest in Leisure

Earn monetary returns while you capitalise on time. It’s a game-changer for those who have always wanted to invest in the leisure industry but were deterred by the thought of managing their properties. It eliminates the common headaches associated with property management, like marketing, dealing with tenant issues or maintenance problems. With our expert team at the helm, investors can rest assured that their investment is in capable hands.

Partnering with the Beekman Group and investing in leisure is an opportunity to be part of a proven system. A system that’s backed by decades of experience, a robust portfolio, and a team that’s committed to delivering results. With our new “Invest in Leisure” opportunity, we offer above average market returns in an investment that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. Make memories while you watch your wealth grow leisurely.

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